Urban Landscape Design Firm  #SR1316

Interior/Exterior Design, Construction, Installation & Maintenance


Asking Price:  $825,000

Gross:  $1,800,000

Cash Flow:  $345,000

Inventory: $40,000 (approx., included in asking price)


Summary:  This full-service interior and urban exterior greenscape design/build and service company operates with both an Interior and Exterior Division that are renowned in the industry for their high quality and exceptional service.  They place a strong emphasis on customer service and are highly selective with their new accounts.  Of the many inquiries the Exterior Division receives to quote, on average, they accept only one in ten.  The complementary Interior Division provides recurring monthly service revenue that benefits the company year-round and ameliorates the seasonality issue of most landscape businesses.  Their impeccable standards have gained them extraordinary customer loyalty – in the Interior Division, over fifty of their current customers have been with them for 15 or more years – and some have been with them since their inception over thirty-five years ago.


Facility/Employees:  Primary company facilities are located in the downtown Boston area.  The qualified and experienced departmental staff is fully capable of running their respective departments in the absence of the owners.  The company employs a total of twenty-five (25) full-time and part-time employees and it is anticipated that all staff would be comfortable with new management and any follow-on expansion efforts.


Opportunities:  Business growth opportunities now flourish in tandem with Boston’s overall current business activities.  Fortunately, Boston’s ongoing construction boom provides many opportunities for expansion going forward.  Greater Boston currently ranks seventh nationally among large metropolitan areas for total commercial building and multifamily housing construction starts.  As Boston initiates construction projects, new office buildings offer opportunities for new Interior division clients.  And with this overall business prosperity and wealth generation comes opportunities with the urban elite for new Exterior projects.


Other:  Sale prompted by owner’s retirement.


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