Broker Services


CABOT Business Brokers is an established business brokerage firm representing buyers and sellers throughout the New England region.  Our staff is comprised of experienced business people who have owned and managed businesses themselves and are both knowledgeable and qualified to value and  market businesses, to identify appropriate potential acquirers, and to structure and close the business transaction.   

Our professional brokers work confidentially with sellers in valuing their businesses, in preparing an effective marketing plan, and in negotiation and closing successful business sales.

With buyers we similarly approach and evaluate acquisition opportunities as disciplined business executives, reviewing not only business profitability and performance, but also valuing the inherent business strategy, the market and competitive environment, growth opportunities, and ROI.

If you are just beginning to consider selling your business, or are entertaining thoughts about a business acquisition, contact CABOT Business Brokers for a no-commitment, free consultation to explore how we might be able to provide you with valuable, competent assistance in this important decision.



Considering Selling Your Business?

You've worked hard successfully building and maintaining your business for any number of years.  And now you wonder is the time approaching when you should consider selling?  Although you can talk with business associates about the everyday problems and challenges in managing a business, who can you talk with in total confidence when considering making the decision to sell your business?  And how does one go about valuing a business, or for that matter, what is the usual process and time table involved in a business sales transaction?

At CABOT Business Brokers  we understand the needs of the business owner and make a concerted effort to present and explain the process in a straight-forward fashion, and to successfully manage it for a win-win sales transaction for both buyer and seller.  Beyond our ability to competently manage the sales process, our experience in valuing, marketing, and promoting businesses like yours can likely answer the questions and issues you may have in making such an important decision and additionally bring added interest, exposure and value to your business. And CABOT carries out this whole process without any commisson fee to you until the transaction is successfully completed.  

If you are considering selling your business and want to better understand the process and how CABOT Business Brokers might serve you, give us a call at 781.749.3087.  As experienced business people and prior business owners ourselves, we at CABOT are pleased to assist and look forward to hearing from you.



Making an Informed Decision.

Where do you start when considering buying a business?  More and more people today are considering buying a  business rather than starting one from scratch for acquiring an ongoing business can minimize the risk inherent in your own venture .  For almost everyone, finding the right business can be a difficult task and requires considerable effort and knowledge in identifying and sifting through the market offerings to find just the right one.  Not surprisingly, your particular background and strengths can be a tremendous asset in managing a new acquisition and in plotting new growth directions.  At CABOT we offer a free consultation to review your interests and strengths regarding  the type of business, industries, cash flow, financing options, etc. that may be appropriate when considering potential acquisitions.    

For those who are prior or present business owners and looking to acquire, our industry and broker contacts can expand your independent search and be valuable in structuring the offer, pricing, financing and negotiations.  If requested and so chartered, CABOT will also undertake a paid retainer search as a buyer's agent to confidentially identify and approach potential acquisitions utilizing our third party anonymity. Call us at 781.783.6998 and let's discuss how we might assist you in this important acquisition process.



Lower middle market businesses, generally considered those with a value in the range of $5 to $40 million, are generally sold through a process known as a controlled auction. Unlike smaller businesses which are usually offered at an appraised value, businesses in this range are brought to the market and offers solicited from a targeted list of possible acquirers compiled by reviewing the industry competitors, as well as private equity and investment groups.  And this is done after Cabot Business Brokers has first confidentially qualified those who have express an interest after an initial confidential solicitation.


Working with a business broker can give you the opportunity to anonymously solicit target companies and approach possible acquistions without revealing the strength or purpose of your interest. Cabot Business Brokers works with you jointly to identify target companies, and then discretely solicits possible interest to uncover those that best match your acquistion parameters.

Exit Planning and Consulting Services


Our Resources and Experience at Your Disposal.

For those who may be anticipating selling a business at some future point, you may be interested  in retaining us before listing for a protracted and in-depth review of your business with the aim of having us identify those areas that could be addressed to increase the desirability and value of your business.  A well executed pre-market review of your business followed with a concerted effort to address issues brought forward will obviously enhance the desirablity of your business and diminish those points of concern that generally emerge in the due diligence process, making for a more satisfactory negotiation and higher valuation.

Whatever your needs when considering buying or selling a business, start with a partnership with Cabot Business Brokers. Call us at 781.783.6998 and let's discuss how we might assist you in this important sales or acquisition process.